Дитячу посмішку в кожну оселю!
Наші гени роблять нас безсмертними

Dear Friends!

Each of us has a dream to be happy parents and mothers for our children, to enjoy from the first day of their lives, to admire their sincere baby smiles, first steps, and first words. And also we want to support our children and surely guide them through all their lives.
Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of people are not able to feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. Many factors may cause this: ecological situation, physical condition of the body, illnesses, genetic factors etc.
At the beginning of the twentieth century hardly somebody could think about successful treatment of infertility and about in vitro fertilization nobody even spoke about. Today's science (in particular medicine) has reached unprecedented a hundred years ago heights and is ready to help a lot of people.
But many people lower their hands even finding out the reasons and have forgotten the main rule: "There are no hopeless situations". Because written truth says:"Knock, and it will be opened to you". If you have a clear goal, if you don't lose hope and you still believe, no factors won't be an obstacle on your way to desired mother-and fatherhood.
Our goal is to help you to make your dream come true and to make you happy parents. Together reaching your target we'll overcome all the barriers. "Per aspera ad astra".
With respect,
Ihor Palyha
Candidate of Medical Sciences
Member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine


Director of the Clinic for Human Reproduction "Alrernatyva" ("Alternative")